Random Act Of Kindness

I was in line at the grocery this morning and was surprised when I was ready to check out. There were some flowers that the people in front of me left and as I was getting ready to run after and give them their flowers, the cashier stopped me and said NO thats not their flowers, those are for you from the people who were in front of you.  I was stunned and wowed at the same time. I had never seen them before and most of all, didn’t know who they were.

There are people out there who do the Radom Act of Kindness to someone they had never met before. Heaven only knows who those people are. Here are the flowers!

If you read this post, Do the act of kindness and spread cheer and joy to someone you’ve never met and if you do it WILL come back 10 fold.

Till Next Time, Be Blessed,
Lace Tomus

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