News Update!

I finished writing a new song yesterday and will do the touch ups in the next few days. I have been really busy trying to choose songs that I think you fans would like to hear. It’s been a while since I actually have been able to sit down and write something down on paper. If you are a songwriter, you know what I mean. Having lots of notes everywhere and then trying to put it all down on paper takes time and a lot of thinking. Some songs take years to finish and some just takes minutes. It just depends on how things flow. I have songs that I wrote from years back and never finished them. I have to admit that the choruses of songs are much easier for me than the verses. Some mornings I wake up and the words are there, so I have to scramble to find some paper so I don’t lose my train of thought and don’t forget the words or rhythm.

I am working on getting 10 songs together for my new upcoming Country album “Nothing To You” . As soon and I can set still for a month or so, I will go into the studio and record it. My hopes is that YOU the fans will like it. If you would like to get an early release of the single. “Nothing To You” Click HERE!

Look forward to any comments you might have.
Whatever your day holds, Be happy and love yourself first.



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