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“Heart of a Country Girl”
This is Laces 1st country album.
Containing 11 original songs

$9.98 mp3 album




“Nothing To You”
This is Laces newest country single
$0.99 mp3 single








“I Told You So”
This is Laces version of the classic song sung by Randy Travis

$0.99 mp3 single






“Mad As Red”
This is Laces 1st Country Single

$0.99 mp3 single



“Save The Whales”
containing 8 of Laces original songs.

$5.99  mp3 album



When you buy this album,
you are donating to a great cause to SAVE THE WHALES!…




    $3.99  mp3 album

“Live In Jamaica”
This album contains 8 songs




“Silent Night” Holy Night

$0.99  mp3 single





“My Mansion”

This is Lace’s 3rd Gospel Release

$4.99  mp3 album



(c) “White Tear” is  Laces

one of a kind classical mp3 single.






“Singing’ On The Grounds”
This is Lace’s 5rth Gospel Release

$5.99  mp3 album






“Beyond Rainbows”
This is Lace’s 2nd Gospel Release

$4.99  mp3 album




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