Lace Tomus is an American singer-songwriter boasting a stage presence that exudes exceedingly high levels of energy, mirrored by genuine musical talent. The Indiana-born singer-songwriter’s musical journey encompasses all the makings of a true musical star, with her musical offerings underpinned by that characteristic raw singing/songwriting talent that has clearly been shaped by years of growth, experience and inspiration.Lace can best be described as an indie artist with a Gospel faith upbringing and this forms the basis of her unique musical style which has seen her evolve to incorporate the Country Music genre into her offerings. Lace’s musical talent was very evident from a very young age, when she informally kicked-off her singing career at the very delicate age of just three (3) years, singing in churches across the United States of America, under the tutelage of her father’s travails as a minister. Having been raised in the Christian faith and using her talents whenever and wherever the need arose, Lace did the hard yards in honing and refining her evolving musical talent, with singing becoming a concrete part of her way of life for many years. The establishment of her current, unique musical style, which encompasses both Country and Gospel, was sparked by her desire to grow musically in her late teens, when she began to write country music. While Lace Tomus’ musical offerings generally incorporate elements of Country and Gospel collectively, the Country/Gospel singer continues to write for both Country and Gospel as separate genres of music. Suitably assigned to the top-tier of today’s female vocalists, Lace’s unique blend of premium vocal ability and songwriting prowess is second to none, responsible for some of the greatest albums of this era, which include the likes of Silent Night, My Mansion, Beyond Rainbows, I Told You So, White Tear Wine and Heart of a Country Girl. Boasting a clearly-defined musical style, signature and distinctive élan, Lace Tomus’ music has at times been likened to that of the likes of Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gale, Kitty Wells, Sandy Patty, The Whites and Vestel Goodman, but only for the inspiration, relevance and emotion stirred up by her many musical offerings. Lace’s characteristically unique defining factor, which is consistent throughout her musical offerings, resides in her style of delivery. Her music inspires pure emotion, through which the listener will invariably get the sense that the music is created specifically for them. In this way, Lace continues to bring the music to you with the hope of carving out a relationship with all fans that have come to know and appreciate her music — music which is merely an extension of her inner-most feelings, experiences and inspirations. With some of Lace’s Gospel and Country Music offerings spilling over into the Pop genre as well, Lace’s unquestionable talent shines through once again, as can only be fully demonstrated by a solo act that thrives even in boundary-pushing genres such as Country/Rock and even the Blues.


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