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In The News

Lace has been writing for her new and upcoming country album “A Girl Like Me” 

This album will likely hit the market 2021. 

Stay tuned for more information from Lace Tomus                  


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News Broadcast For Aug. 23

Laces Single  “MAD AS RED”  will be on Laces new and upcoming album “A Girl Like Me”  Stay tuned for more from Lace Tomus!


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News Broadcast

Ok all you fans! Lace is working on a new her newest upcoming country album. She hopes to release it at the end of this year.  Keep coming back to this site to hear all the latest news and updates, Right here at

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Fox News Interview


NEW YORK, NY – The FOX News at FOX Studios on August 1, 2015 in New York City. (Interview with Lace Tomus)

Fox: Hi Lace! Can you tell us little bit about you and your music?

Lace: Sure! First of all I am a preachers daughter. My mother had 8 children. 4 boys-4 girls. I began singing around 3 years old. I grew up around church which was practically 7 days a week as our family was what you would call a (traveling evangelist) back in the day. My favorite song was “Coming’ Out Of The Wilderness”  Service started and then when it was time to do our part, dad would get up behind the pulpate and start to sing with ‘How did you feel when you came out of the wilderness, came out of the wilderness, came out of the wilderness, working for the Lord…. Then one of us kids would then get up (me of course) was the first. My part was ‘I felt like a singing’ when I came out of the wilderness, came out of the wilderness, working for the Lord, and then the next kid did their part like, preaching’, praying’, singing’, shouting’ and so on.. I remember those days when all their was was Gospel music.Then as the years went on and we started to settle down and stay in one place, at the age of 13 I began to write Gospel Music. My first Original song was ‘My Friend Jesus”   Even tho I had written the song and sang it all across the USA I never had the chance to actually put a recording to it till the age of 25 in which back in the day was those good ol’ cassette tapes.Around the age of 17 I started getting into writing Country music. so in 2011 I released my first Country Album “Heart Of A Country Girl”

Let me go back a little bit as life for me was real hard. You see when I was very young my mother and father split. Over time I began to get away from Gospel music even tho I sang and did what I had to do as my family needed me, it left me feeling angry for years. I began to hate religion and all it stood for. I really can’t remember what brought me back to the Gospel music part. Maybe it was Gods way of saying ‘I gave this gift to you and you must use it”  I must say’ I no longer have bad feeling for my mother as 8 years ago we have begun a great relationship. Even tho’ I didn’t know all these years why she left, (I do now)

When I was 22 I got married out of the church and my life turned upside down. I had a child, then got Divorced, raised my child alone, then 6 years later another marriage, then the same, then again, till finally I said enough is enough. I had to get myself together. Then a few years later, I met a good man and have had him in my life for 10 years now.

Fox: Where have you performed?

Lace: I have performed all across the USA.  Mostly Churches then years later, to Bars, Lounges and etc.. *Now days I’m traveling to other countries meeting people and getting my music out to those who will hear.

Fox: Can you tell us little about your single “Mad As Red and how it came to be?

Lace:  Sure! A few years ago I met a couple,, Don and Linda Brown when invited to a songwriters event Kat and Reggie Vinson was holding in Camp Verde, Arizona. As I got to know them they brought it up that Don had written some songs and would like for me to hear what he had so of course I said sure I’d love to hear some. One of the songs was “MAD AS RED” After hearing it and it stuck in my head all night I got together with them and decided that this was the song I would record. So I got together with my lead guitar player  “Jerry Davis” and the rest is history. “MAD AS RED” was the first Country Single I released at least thats what I thought. It was released in 2010 but it never was live until 2014 as I always thought it was done but just recently found out it wasn’t so I fixed that problem. It is available on CdBaby  I have listened to other artist like Scott Eversole who sings “I’ve had it all” which by the way, so far, is my all time favorite and was also written by Don Brown. Don also wrote ”Chapel Car”  which was recorded by another lady. I forget her name but she did a great job with the song.

Fox: Do you have other singles and albums?

Lace: Yes! In 2012 I release 2 small albums “Beyond Rainbows” and “My Mansion” Both are Gospel albums.

Fox: Do you do the artwork on your albums?

Lace: Yes, Some of them. A couple of album covers were done by a young lady named Cat.  She moved away and so I have been doing them myself.

Fox: What makes you pic the songs that are on all your albums?

Lace: I do have lots of songs that I haven’t even gotten a chance as of yet but I am working on that part of it. But I try to choose the ones that I think will relate to the fans out there. As you know, it’s a hit or miss because we don’t know who will like what until it is out there and then get the feedback from the fans. We as musicians do what we have to do to make it work.

Fox: So your listeners can hear and purchase your music, Is your music playing on any radio stations out there?

Lace: Yes! My music is on various stations. Such as Pandora, iTunes, Reverberation, and many other stations across the world. They can hear and purchase on my main website which is

Fox: In the future, will you have more music for people to hear and purchase?

Lace: Yes! I am working on 2 new albums, Country and Gospel.

Fox: Thank you Lace for taking the time to come into the studio today to meet with us and telling us more about you and the great music you bring.

Lace: Thank You for having me.

Fox: If you would like to hear more about Lace Tomus, go to  and pick up some of her great music.


Fox: Thats a wrap!

News Update!

I finished writing a new song yesterday and will do the touch ups in the next few days. I have been really busy trying to choose songs that I think you fans would like to hear. It’s been a while since I actually have been able to sit down and write something down on paper. If you are a songwriter, you know what I mean. Having lots of notes everywhere and then trying to put it all down on paper takes time and a lot of thinking. Some songs take years to finish and some just takes minutes. It just depends on how things flow. I have songs that I wrote from years back and never finished them. I have to admit that the choruses of songs are much easier for me than the verses. Some mornings I wake up and the words are there, so I have to scramble to find some paper so I don’t lose my train of thought and don’t forget the words or rhythm.

I am working on getting 10 songs together for my new upcoming Country album “Nothing To You” . As soon and I can set still for a month or so, I will go into the studio and record it. My hopes is that YOU the fans will like it. If you would like to get an early release of the single. “Nothing To You” Click HERE!

Look forward to any comments you might have.
Whatever your day holds, Be happy and love yourself first.



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